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Festival Goyescas 2016


The term goyesca simultaneously brings to mind the paintings of Francisco de Goya, the suite for piano by Enrique Granados, and the image of a typical corrida in the small Andalusian village of Ronda. These three representations, as different as they are, all bear the colors, rhythms, and energy of the Iberian Peninsula – the diverse elements which collectively embody the profound identity of Spain and which the Festival aims to celebrate through the following objectives:


To develop intercultural relations at a local level

To allow the public to discover renowned Spanish artists

 To encourage cultural exchange at a high level between Swiss artists and those from abroad

To promote links between local academic institutions and promising or talented artists

• To create a unique and annual meeting between Switzerland and Spain


Placed under the high patronage of eminent conductor Jesús López Cobos and the Ambassador of Spain in Bern, the first edition will take place on December 11-12, 2015 at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève. A prestigious venue, with a privileged location in the heart of the city, the Place Neuve building is an ideal site for the festival. The building’s historic charm not only creates a dignified setting for classical concerts but also a more intimate setting for dance spectacles. The Grande Salle—whose central location is known to the public and is easily accessible—can accommodate more than 400 people, hence providing ample space for the proposed concerts and an opportunity to launch a successful inaugural edition.

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