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Association “Amigos de España” was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2013, in order to promote and share Spanish culture and its various aspects (music, dance, visual arts, and gastronomy), through the annual organization of a festival in Geneva. The first festival of its type in Suisse romande, Festival Goyescas aims to highlight Spanish culture in its broadest sense and to foster a spirit of cultural exchange and discovery. The festival intends to promulgate Spanish culture and its arts and to provide the public with a recurring opportunity to (re)discover the lesser known aspects of Iberian art.


Considering that the Spanish arts are nearly absent from Geneva’s cultural scene, Association “Amigos de España” was founded in order to give exposure to this rich culture—whose varied forms of artistic expression ought to be universally known and appreciated. By organizing Festival Goyescas, the association hopes to offer Spanish arts a place in the local cultural scene and to captivate and stimulate public interest.


The association aims not only to offer the public an opportunity to discover Spanish artists, but also to promote local artists and musicians, who are passionate about Iberian culture. Through this exchange, the association hopes to forge links between cultures, across generations, social classes, and countries.

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